Abstract Submission

The IPNC 2020 Conference Committee invites everyone to contribute to the programme by submitting your contributions to the IPNC 2020 programme.

Please follow the ‘how to submit’ instructions to help you through the process of submission. The IPNC 2020 Organising Committee welcomes a number of themes for you to submit:
  1. Vaccines and Impact
  2. Antimicrobial Resistance and Treatment
  3. Epidemiology/Molecular Epidemiology
  4. Host Defences and Immune Responses
  5. Surface Structures
  6. Molecular & Cellular Biology
You may submit an abstract for an oral presentation or a poster presentation, or you may choose to submit an oral or poster presentation.

Please limit your submission to 350 words.

Please submit your abstract in a structured manner as follows:
  • Background
  • Aim/Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusion
We look forward to your submission!

Important Dates

  • Close abstract submission
    29 February 2020
  • Early Bird Closes
    31 May 2020
Review to be complete 31 March 2020
Notify of abstract outcome 30 April - 15 May 2020
Publish Programme 30 May 2020